AirNmore has brought quality back to the heater

Comfort Deluxe is energy efficient for small or large rooms and best of all – it’s safe and reliable.

Comfort Deluxe and Comfort Buddy

Hey Comfort Buddy...
Welcome to the Family.

Introducing our new heater -
AirNmore Comfort Buddy.

Copper PTC Advantage

More Copper: Over 4.5 sq. ft of copper provides penetrating heat and thus, holds heat longer than other heaters that utilize aluminum PTC.

AirNmore Comfort Deluxe with Copper PTC Space Heater
ETL Listed Space Heater

ETL Listed

The ETL, Edison Testing Laboratories, Listed Mark is proof of product compliance to North American safety standards.

Cool to Touch
Cool to the Touch
No Heater Bulbs to Replace
Energy Efficient
Energy Efficient
Pet/Child Safe
2 year warranty
2 year warranty


“I recently purchased the Comfort Deluxe space heater from AirNmore and I must tell you, it’s worth every penny. I currently live in a 1100 sq. foot apartment with my fiancée. Personally, I’m “hot-blooded” and would prefer that the heat is turned off. I spent a lot of time in the second bedroom (which acts as my office) and it often gets very hot when the door is closed & the central heating is on. When my fiancée gets home from work, naturally, she wants to feel warm and comfortable while she spends time in the living room after a long day. The Comfort Deluxe delivers the perfect amount of warmth for her in the living room! And best of all, I remain comfortable while working in my office & we save money on our monthly heating bill. I highly recommend this space heater. 5 stars!”

Matthew C. 
Danbury, CT
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